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There is not much of a natural, traditional club scene Indian Escorts in Abu Dhabi . Most of this is due to the Muslim beliefs on the kind of behavior promoted at clubs; this means that most of the clubs in and around Abu Dhabi Escorts are Western in origin. There is a large percentage of themed bars and clubs; in particular, the Irish Village is ever-populated with tourists due to it`s outdoor seating and an excellent range of beverages.

Many new clubs have opened in recent years and are experiencing great success, meaning that more are sure to follow. At present, the Oxygen club – located within the Al-Bustan hotel – is extremely popular, as is Tangerine – again within a hotel complex, though open to non-guests, at the Fairmont Dubai. These clubs are attracting big name Western Djs, keen to associate their name with this up and coming destination.

Due to the Western-style and often Western-owned control of the clubs, the dress code for most clubs is similar to what you would expect at home. A standard rule is smart casual, with sandals and shorts usually banned, though designer jeans and trainers will be acceptable to most club owners. It is always best to check with the club or bar website before departing to ensure you won`t be turned away.